Boardic is happy to help you with special solutions. We do both large and small production runs and cut boards to meet your size requirements on our trimming saws. We use CNC technology to mill details and if you need a size that we do not have in stock, we will scarf joint boards to sizes that optimise material availability.

  • Vi fräser med CNC-teknik

    Boardic CNC Centre

    Do you need to mill out details in plywood or other board material? Our CNC machine in Estonia can handle most board materials.

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  • Boardic Cutting Center

    Boardic Cutting Centre

    We can cut most common board materials to size on our trimming saws. The biggest size we can saw is 3690x3690 mm and the smallest is 50 x 50 mm. We can also saw laths down to 12 mm wide. If you need a bigger size, we recommend scarf jointing.

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  • Skäftskarvning i Estland

    Boardic Scarfjointing

    At our factory in Estonia, we scarf joint wooden boards in thicknesses from 4 mm to 15 mm. When scarf jointing, we saw the edge of the board at an angle so the cut surface is approx. 8 times the thickness. The surfaces are then glued and pressed together under high pressure and heat.

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