• Boardic Spacer OSB

    Boardic OSB-3

    Boardic OSB-3 board (Oriented Strand Board) is made from wood fibres and glue which are pressed together under high pressure and high heat. OSB board is normally fixed behind plasterboard to enable the suspension of heavy objects on the finished wall. It can also be used in beam structures, walls and roofs. The board is often used for packing.

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  • Boardic soft board

    Boardic Chipboard

    Boardic Chipboard is a completely organic, porous board where the wood’s natural lignin binds the fibres together. Glue is not normally required. The wooden raw materials consist of chips from the sawmill industry. The board is used for packing, door filling and notice boards, etc. Fully sanded surface. Density approx. 550–750 kg/m3.

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  • Boardic Shelf

    Boardic Shelf is our shelf board made of chipboard E1, a wood-fibre board coated with white melamine on both sides and laths on all edges. Used for shelves, benches and cupboard frames. Density approx. 550–750 kg/m3.

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  • Boardic Isotex Roof

    Boardic Isotex Roof boards are available in two designs, Quattro Nordic and Quattro Alaska. See product sheet for standard sizes.

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