At Boardic you will find a wide range of products at different price points and in different strengths and designs. Our packing solutions are easy to handle and can be customised with regard to both size and shape.

Construction, drawings and calculations

Do you need a consultation on construction, drawings or calculations? Our packaging engineers have long experience of packaging and logistics. They enjoy a challenge and will be happy to work with you to create both innovative and practical solutions.

We can also help to produce prototypes of the products that we develop with you and handle the project management throughout the process.


We have wide experience of packing and stacking boxes and containers for transport and long-term storage. We shrink-wrap and do everything needed to ensure that the goods arrive in perfect condition. We have experience of both VCI packaging and ocean freight.

Goods handling & packing

We take care of all types of contract packaging and goods handling. Nothing is impossible and no job is too big for us at Boardic.