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Our company was founded in 1995. Today we supply a wide and flexible range of packing products made of high quality, wood-based boards from around the world. We purchase domestic raw materials, import, stock, process and distribute wood packing and boards in Sweden and throughout Europe.

With our expertise and experience of the industry, we always aim to provide the best service and total professionalism in our contact with all our customers. We ensure that our wood-based boards and packing solutions are of the right quality, used in the right way, in the right place, at the lowest possible cost and with the least environmental impact.

Our history

We started out supplying wood-based boards to packing companies, but we soon saw an opportunity to develop by creating our own packing and logistics solutions for transporting goods. Over the years we have built up valuable purchasing contacts across the world, and our raw materials come from forests that meet the EUTR forestry requirements.

We have developed extensive know-how with regard to the transport, logistics and construction of packing for most purposes. We are experts in the properties of different boards and have made a number of innovations in this field. This has led to a growth in customers and new flexible packing solutions.

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Our companies

Boardic AB Norrköping

Boardic AB’s main activity is the import and processing of wood-based transport packing. The company was founded in 1995 under the name Lamiflex Board AB.

The extensive purchasing and transport network we have built up over the years stretches across the world, benefiting all our customers. In our own efficient production and processing plant, we develop and process packing solutions to meet the many and varied requirements of our customers. Our sales and service organisation is located in Norrköping, where we also have 5,000 m2 of production and warehouse facilities close to the port of Norrköping.

Boardic Eesti OÜ

Our wholly owned subsidiary Boardic Eesti OÜ was founded in 1995 and today is a modern packing factory with the production of wood-based board material. The plant has an area of approx. 4,500 m2.

The machine shop includes a premium scarf jointing machine for plywood, OSB and hardboard as well as three trimming saws for cutting boards to size. We also work with CNC machines to produce cable drums, furniture details and other products to meet customer requirements. We have a circular bandsaw that can handle any round sizes, with or without a centre hole, a dyeing machine and sanding machines as well as other surface treatment and all types of edge bevelling. The company has recently invested in a brand new machine line to produce the Boardic E-box as well as equipment for printing logos and other packing marks.