Our range includes several types of wood and plywood boxes. Boxes in standard sizes are available from stock for immediate delivery, but you can also order custom sizes for specific jobs. If you need an open box, or crate, these can be produced in any size according to your drawings and requirements.

  • Boracic EasyUp Clip

    Plywood Box EasyUp Clip

    Boardic EasyUp Clip is a large plywood box designed for quick and professional assembly with plate clips and sealing tape/strips. The box has been developed and tested over several years in the large export flow.

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  • Boardic EasyUp Loop

    Plywood Box EasyUp Loop

    Boardic EasyUp Loop is a moisture resistant, extra strong plywood box particularly suitable for the export and return flow. The box is assembled and sealed with plate clips all around the box. The construction makes packing easy and ergonomical as one side can be assembled at a time.

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  • Boardic EasyUp Std

    Plywood Box EasyUp Std

    Boardic EasyUp Std is a plywood box designed for assembly with nails or screws. The box has been developed and tested over several years in the export flow. Ergonomic assembly.

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  • Plywood E-box S

    Boardic E-box S is a traditional and well proven, moisture resistant plywood box with a lid, for all types of goods. The box is easy to assemble with the integrated plate strips and takes up very little space when folded. Can be reused.

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  • Boardic S-box

    Plywood S-box

    Our plate clip box, Boardic S-box, is a small box assembled with loose plastic clips for increased flexibility in small production runs. The box has been tested and approved by Innventia and tested over several years in the export flow. The plastic clips are produced from partially recycled PA nylon.

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  • Woodbox kan tillverkas i stort format

    Wooden Box

    Boardic Woodbox is a traditionally made box in sawn or tongue and grooved spruce that is assembled with nails or screws. We have the expertise to produce professionally made wooden boxes up to very large sizes.

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  • Boardic EasyUp Crate

    Wooden Crate

    Boardic EasyUp Crate is a wooden crate designed to be locked with plate fittings during assembly. We produce crates in all sizes according to your drawings and requirements. The crate construction takes up very little space when unassembled.

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  • Boardic EasyUp Fold

    Plywood Box EasyUp Fold

    Boardic EasyUp Fold is a lightweight box with walls made of moisture resistant plywood and is a cheaper variant of the plywood pallet collar, with lid and pallet. Of course we can also make boxes in special sizes. Together with a podium pallet and lid, this is a very affordable packing solution.

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