Sustainable material. Takes up very little space.

For smart logistics.

Boardic makes extremely sustainable and innovative wood packing products to protect and transport goods over both short and long transport routes. Our packing also includes logistics solutions that optimise the use of both materials and space. Our standard range includes boxes, pallets, pallet collars, lids, boards, spacers and decoration. We also produce details with CNC technology or cut wood-based boards to size to meet your requirements.

We produce most things here in Norrköping or at our factory in Estonia. Everything is available for immediate delivery from our 5,000 m2 warehouse in Norrköping! All our packing is approved for export according to ISPM15, SE-E8089 and IPPC EE – 1822 HT.

If our standard products are not suitable, we will develop, design and produce special packing. Our packing technicians help you meet your requirements for smart, ergonomic and cost-effective packing solutions. We do both large and small production runs and cut boards to size on our trimming saws.