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Natural packing from the forest.

When you need a special solution!

Boardic is an international packing company using wood and wood-based boards as the main raw materials in our packing solutions.

Wood-based packing and boards.

Our packing solutions optimise your stock and logistics while you contribute to a sustainable transport cycle. Boardic is an international packing company with headquarters in Sweden and production in Norrköping and Estonia. The main raw materials in our packing products are wood and wood-based boards.

We stock a large range of packing products including boxes, folds, pallet collars, crates, pallets, boards and lids. Several of our packing solutions are designed for ergonomic loading as the sides can be assembled afterwards. We also make special solutions for different transport requirements. Wherever in the world you want to ship. Simply ask us and we will draw and construct the perfect packing for your products.

Wood has many positive properties and provides relatively lightweight, stackable packing that can easily be reused or recycled to recover energy.